About Frazier Film Lighting

For nearly 40 years FFL has been facilitating the Australian TV and Commercial industry in the lighting trade.

Les Frazier completed his electrical apprenticeship in 1974 He worked as a contractor for a few years and in 1982 he took a position at the ABC as a lighting technician. In 1985 he left the ABC and stated freelancing as a Best Boy/Gaffer with Tony Holtham Lighting. He worked there for a few years gaining valuable on set experience.

He then purchased his first truck with equipment and Frazier Film Lighting was started.

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Over the years FFL has committed yearly investments to keep the equipment up to date and will continue maintain the upkeep as the lighting units rapidly change with this ever changing world.

Over the years FFL has used most of Victoria’s electrical technicians and they are totally professional and extremely knowledgeable. Adam Kercheval works as a Gaffer for FFL and has on several large productions including series and commercials.

FFL is still committed to updating equipment to keep in touch with all the new lighting systems as they become available.

LED’s are proving to be the workhorse of the lighting industry. They are versatile in colour change, special effects, dimming and DMX capabilities. These types of lamps are changing daily and keeping up to date is essential.

FFL has taken to Retro fitting old film lamps with state of the art LED fixtures which can be used on set or in a household. They are available to rent or purchase and can be adapted to encompass individual requests.